Primary students will get 9 months stipend

Primary students will get 9 months stipend

The newspaper is a very important element of our human life. It is a publication daily printed and distributed. It contains news, opinions, advertisements,entertainment,game  and other items of general interest. The importance of the newspaper is very important . It is a very great  source of news and entertainment It tells us what is going on at home and abroad. A newspaper also plays an important role in creating public opinion Nowadays newspapers are used 12 organize people against abuses, tyranny, and malpractice. It can also give well guidance to the government and general  people by publishing important  articles and expert opinions about different issues. The first newspaper was published in Venice 16th century  . There was no newspaper in this subcontinent before the advent of the English. The first newspaper in Bangladesh was the “Samachar Darpan”. Now we have a long number of newspapers in Bangladesh.

প্রাথমিকের শিক্ষার্থীরা ৯ মাসের উপবৃত্তি ও জামা কেনার ১ হাজার টাকা পাবে ১৪ মেUS DV Lottery 2021


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