The government will provide one employee in per family

The government will provide one employee in per family

The government will provide one employee in per family

The government will provide one employee in per family. The ‘Budget to hire one per family’ initiative is in the coming budget. The finance department is working to prepare the budget for this year by focusing on converting the village into a city and giving employment to every family. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina directed to pay special attention to those two issues. For this, special allocation will made in the rural sector. The finance ministry sources said.

According to sources, the incoming budget is being made by the ruling party Awami League’s election manifesto. The original theme is ‘Village will be a city’. The budget will outline the gradual transformation of the village into a city.

Nazin Ahmed, a senior researcher at the Bangladesh Development Research Institute (BIDS), told KALA Kanto, “What the finance minister has said should be taken in a big way, not literally. That is, employment from each family means meeting two goals. One is poverty reduction and the other is job creation. If poverty is reduce in the country, employment opportunities are create, income inequality will be reduced.

However, this is not possible in one day. Grazually possible. It is possible to create adequate employment opportunities. If strategically arranged, employment is possible in various parts of the country, especially in the Char, Haor areas. For this, there will need to be development in the medical, education sector, including infrastructure development. Employment will be made if there is development based on the area across the country. ”He added,“ But these tasks are not possible for the government alone. We have to do this in a public-private joint venture. The government can only play the role of controller here. If there is a city-like facility in the village, then the private sector will come forward.


Finance Department sources said that the coming budget is giving importance to the demands of the common people. For this, the finance department is trying to provide a way to benefit the day-to-day farmers from the marginal farmers. If the villages, which are lagging behind at the district, upazila level, will have a direct impact on the marginalized people. For this, an outline of the city’s amenities in the village will  outlined in the budget.

According to sources, there will be several initiatives to reduce unemployment in the budget and establish youth leadership. The initiative will specially stated in the will of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Budget officials said that to build a modern Bangladesh, we must first reduce unemployment and reduce city dependence. The finance minister has given special direction in this regard. The government hopes to reduce unemployment by taking a job from every family.


According to the action plan to transform the village into a city, the village will have all the amenities of the city. The budget will be available to facilitate internet, electricity, paved roads, online banking, post office savings bank. By identifying the villages that are lagging behind, there will be a budget to provide those benefits. Concern officials said that a major action plan undertaken at the will of the Prime Minister. He will outline the budget in his speech. The allocation will increased in rural infrastructure to transform the village into a city. Besides, special allocations will made for the development of rural areas for continuous communication with the city. The allocation will also increased to alleviate poverty in the village. The coverage and allocation of Social Security benefits can increase both.

It is report that the five main focus will be on the budget. These are Pro Growth, Pro Development, Pro Manufacturing, Pro Export and Pro Job Creation.

Finance Ministry sources said the initial meeting of the Budget Management and Resources Committee was initially prepare. It has been shown that the projected size of the budget for the next fiscal year is Taka 5 lakh 25 thousand 5 crore. This is Tk. 4 billion more than the current fiscal year’s budget Or 1.5 percent more. The main size of the Annual Development Program (ADP) for the next financial year is propose to be Tk 1 lakh 8 thousand. In the current financial year, the sector has allocated Tk 1 lakh crore.


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